Autodesk-GEA Strategy

Revolutionize Your Industry: The Autodesk-GEA Blueprint for Success in EMEA

In the heart of innovation and technology, Autodesk’s success story with GEA stands as a beacon of transformation for companies and entire industries.


GEA, a global leader in the design and production of process technology and components, faced a significant challenge: reducing engineering time and costs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customization. Autodesk’s solutions turned this challenge into a triumphant victory, slashing engineering time by an impressive 80%.


The key to this remarkable achievement lies in the power of digital transformation. By integrating Autodesk’s advanced software into its design and manufacturing processes, GEA could automate tedious tasks, enhance collaboration across departments, and ultimately deliver custom solutions to its customers faster. This streamlined its operations and set a new standard in customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

This story resonates deeply with Accienta’s mission in the EMEA region. Like GEA, many businesses face the challenge of adapting to rapid technological changes while striving to meet the ever-evolving demands of their customers. Accienta, with its suite of professional services, stands ready to guide businesses through their digital transformation journey. Our expertise in implementing cutting-edge software and solutions similar to those used by GEA can unlock new levels of efficiency, innovation, and growth for companies across various industries.

But what truly makes this narrative inspiring is not just the transformation of a single company. It’s about setting a vision for the future—a future where businesses can leverage technology to survive and thrive. The Autodesk and GEA success stories test what is possible when innovation, technology, and expertise converge.

At Accienta, we are committed to bringing this vision to life for businesses in the EMEA region. Whether it’s through optimizing design processes, enhancing project collaboration, or streamlining production workflows, our goal is to empower companies to navigate today’s challenges and innovate for tomorrow’s challenges.

Let’s embrace the journey of transformation together. With Accienta by your side, the story of success is not only possible but within reach.

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