Achieve Success in Project Management Portfolio with Smartsheet

Revolutionize your strategic approach to project management portfolio and contribute a more significant management process approach for your organization’s overall success.

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Discover the ROI of Smartsheet project and portfolio management

680% ROI is quite significant. A metric that Smartsheet is pretty proud of. The new Forrester Consulting research commissioned by Smartsheet, The Total Economic Impact™ of Smartsheet, shows how the platform enables successful business transformation by making it possible for organizations to manage projects, automate manual tasks and workflows, and rapidly build new solutions.

Why every business needs Project and Portfolio Management?

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Effectively find and schedule the best project team, resolve staffing conflicts in real time, and forecast hiring needs.

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Simple resource allocation


Effectively find and schedule the best project team, resolve staffing conflicts in real time, and forecast hiring needs.

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Smartsheet breaks down communication barriers by fostering cross-functional collaboration. Teams can work together on a single platform, sharing documents, comments, and updates. Real-time notifications ensure everyone is on the same page, promoting efficiency and reducing misunderstandings that could impact project outcomes.

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Make it easy for your team to submit hours and keep them focused on what matters with pre-filled timesheets.

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Effortless time tracking

Make it easy for your team to submit hours and keep them focused on what matters with pre-filled timesheets.

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Smartsheet offers tools to manage and allocate resources effectively across your portfolio. It provides visibility into resource availability and workload, helping to avoid over or underutilization. Smartsheet helps in achieving a balance between resource capacity and demand, which can lead to cost savings and improved project delivery.

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With its robust risk management capabilities, Smartsheet allows businesses to identify, assess, and manage project risks proactively. It facilitates risk tracking and mitigation planning, thereby helping to minimize potential adverse impacts on the portfolio.

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Smartsheet seamlessly integrates with a host of other business applications like Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Teams, enabling efficient data synchronization. It also automates routine tasks, helping to save time and reduce errors. Automation and integration capabilities can significantly enhance portfolio management efficiency.

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Smartsheet’s platform is scalable and flexible, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and types. It can accommodate an increasing number of projects as your business grows, ensuring your portfolio management process remains streamlined and effective.

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With enterprise-grade security features and compliance with global standards like GDPR and ISO 27001, Smartsheet ensures your data is protected. It provides control over who can access and edit information, giving businesses confidence in the security of their portfolio data.



Strategic Planning

Create a single source for teams to define, discuss, and view overall strategy.

Project Intake

Collect project request, prioritize, plan, and assign tasks by phases. Automate new project request notifications.

Project with Resource Management

Allocate resources to tasks and track utilization in real-time. Avoid resource conflicts.

Business Budget Management

Track actuals versus allocated budgets by department across the organization.

Product Prioritization Board

Organize roadmap features by priority, category, stage, and size to align with stakeholders.

Project Schedule Management

Plan, manage, and track tasks for your agile projects. Stay on top of progress.

Advanced WidgetProject with Gantt and Dependencies

Schedule, track, and visualize tasks for every phase of your project. Identify potential project delays to manage risks.

Project Management Office

Get a portfolio level view of all work, high priority items, workload by resource, and more.


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