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Benefits of Using Platform Training


Professional services often have a deep understanding of the platform they are providing training for. Their knowledge and expertise can help you learn about features and functionalities that you may not discover on your own.

Effective-Learning Techniques

Professional service providers often utilize proven training methodologies that can make learning more effective. They can provide hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and interactive learning experiences that increase engagement and retention.


Professional training can be a quicker way to learn a software platform, as it’s structured and tailored to the needs of learners. This can save you time in trying to understand complex functionalities on your own.

Personalized Training

Professional services can tailor their training based on the specific needs of your team or business. They can focus on the features that are most relevant to your work, making the training more efficient and beneficial.

Troubleshooting and Support

During the training process, you’re likely to encounter issues or questions. Professional trainers can provide immediate troubleshooting and support, helping you overcome challenges quickly and effectively.

Updates and Changes

Software platforms often undergo updates and changes. Professional services can help you stay up-to-date with these changes and understand how to utilize new features and functionalities.

Increase Productivity

With proper training, your team can make full use of the platform, increasing productivity. They can automate tasks, use shortcuts, and integrate the platform with other tools, which they might not be able to do without professional training.

Reduce Errors

Lack of proper knowledge about a software platform can lead to errors, which can have significant consequences. Professional training can ensure that your team understands how to use the platform correctly and reduce the risk of errors.

Why Hire Accienta?

With our extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to software solutions across various industries, we understand your the common challenges, best practices and potential pitfalls of digital transformation. With that in mind, we understand your platform needs, and we are here to help you tailor that SaaS solution to your business while we integrate that with your existing systems.

Here's how we can guide you with Brandfolder Implementation

Assessment of Stakeholder Needs

The first step involves identifying the various stakeholder groups and understanding their specific needs and current familiarity with digital asset management tools. This can include internal teams, external partners, or clients.

Development pf Customized Training Program

Based on the needs assessment, the our team will develop a tailored training program. This may include different modules for different stakeholder groups, as each group might use Brandfolder differently.

Preparation of Training Materials

Our team will prepare detailed training materials, such as user guides, video tutorials, and FAQs. These materials will be customized to address the unique needs and queries of different stakeholder groups.

Conducting Training Sessions

Training sessions can be conducted in-person or remotely, depending on the requirements. These sessions will cover a range of topics such as navigating the platform, uploading and organizing assets, managing permissions, using the search function, integrating with other tools, and interpreting asset analytics.

Hands-On Practice

After the initial training, stakeholders will be encouraged to use Brandfolder under guided supervision. This hands-on practice helps stakeholders gain confidence and ask questions related to real-life scenarios.

Addressing Queries and Clarifications

Throughout the training process, the our team will address any queries and provide clarifications. We can help resolve common issues stakeholders may face while using Brandfolder.

Advanced Training

Once stakeholders are comfortable with the basic features of Brandfolder, advanced training can be conducted. This can include more complex functions like customizing brand portals, setting up automated workflows, or using advanced analytics features.

Follow-Up and Refresher Sessions

Periodically, the our team can conduct follow-up sessions to reinforce learning, introduce new features, and address any emerging issues. This helps ensure stakeholders continue to use Brandfolder effectively and maximize its potential.


Top-rated Services For Our Clients

The best services we provide for our clients include our integrity to work for them and the dedication we show towards our individual projects.


We help you make the best decision on what will be the best-suited solution required for your company's needs to drive successful growth.


Customizing software solutions specific to your needs is one of our main fortes. We can help you achieve fast results with answers from our highly reputable technical team.


We not only implement the software solution, but we help your team adapt to the process we built for your company.

Brandfolder Product Reseller

In alignment with Brandfolder goals, we help you with your Brandfolder product inquiries, efficiently distribute the specific solution tailored to your needs, support, troubleshoot, and help you with your warranty claims.

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We know how to deliver the top Solutions tailored to your company’s needs to meet your expected requirements. See what other special offers we have available.

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